self-initiated, 2019

an experiment on photographs/text/void space.

amuse! magazine/web design, 2015

is a magazine based on the passion of amusement park. the first issue will be featuring the news, rumours, and facts on the announcement of the new star wars lands.  the project aim is to explore how to adapt content with old and new media. all the texts and photos are from the available sources. 

greenscape chess, 2015

The concept of this work is to use chess game as a medium to raise awareness towards environment.
The pieces represent the environment as one side and the building as another side. The aim is to, at least,
trigger some thoughts from the players on how cities can ruin the greenspace by wining or losing the game.

If the building side wins, therewill be no more trees and greencolour,indicating that if human still territorises environment, there will be noresources left in the future.On the other hand, if the forest side wins, the result will be reversed, andthat the houses and buildings will be destroyed  by the power of nature.

︎exhibited as part of productme exhibition,2015

commde notebook, 2018

extracting the graphic elements from commde dingbat (previously designed by pariphat, a commde alumni).

this design illustrates the transformation of shapes and the process in design and the tools that make that process happen by using simple graphic elements.

︎edition of 2,000 copies
︎size ︎ 4.5"x8.25", round edge
︎inner paper ︎ dotted green read 75gsm
︎cover paper ︎ eggshell 216gsm eco premium
︎binding ︎ saddle-stitched, neon yellow thread
︎printing ︎ offset

airy, 2018 (team)

airy by familymembers is a bangkok-based fabric and lifestyle products brand, which supports local weavers community (lahu women) by celebrating craft niche. the logo reflects thread lines used in the weaving craft.

︎project with parima thaijongrak

me/her, 2016

wrinkly fingerprint caused by soaking hands underwater is my monitoring subject and during the variable experimenting process, i’ve found the differences between the changing of young and old people fingerprints, which led to this project concept - as we grow older, we tend to absorb new information slower than when we were young, similar to how teenager skin condition absorb more water and take it in faster than older people.

the accordion book format is used to represent the changing sequences of the fingerprints from both ends of the book – the /me/ (young) side and the /her/ (old) side. the embossing technique recreates the tangible texture to the audience, creating a sensory experience. 

yaowarat, 2015 (team)

a publication that investigates and documents the lives of chinese descent in thailand within the giant landmark of yaowarat throught interviews (typed on typewritter) and photographs.

the publication was devided into 6 sections, each tells a story of the meaningful hidden location by the locals, continuously. the form and size variation suggests the transitioning state of yaowarat as slowly drifting away from the past decades.

︎vipaluk s. ︎ designer/photographer
︎wichaya a. ︎ designer/interviewer
︎pichayanant a. ︎ designer/typer
︎nattawipa m. ︎ designer/interviewer

isaan object – inserted booklet, 2017

booklet layout design for selected product designs catalogue.

︎commisioned by wallpaper* thai edition

objectory, 2018 (self-initiated)

art-directing and branding design for home decorating product brand ‘objectory’ (object+story).

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