naoh bangkok 

identity design (excluding logo), 2019

naoh bangkok is a fine dining restaurant based on a demobilized lockheed L1011 tristar with the concept of ‘futuristic food journey’.

originated from the interior and the decoration inside the plane, combining with the mysterious ambience of being ‘the new land’ where the word ‘food’ goes beyond imagination, this branding project reflects as an invitation to the new world through cultural context, combining with the futuristic food experience.

visual guideline for art direction:

︎ text and image are putting together to form a frame-like layout (taking inspiration from the antiques and paintings inside the plane.)

︎ photographic direction also reflect the sculptural decoration, engaging the interior onto the design.

project includes:

︎ overall art direction
︎ brochure

︎ business card           
︎ menu

︎ poster template

client ︎ naoh bangkok
copy writer ︎ pattrica lipatapanlop
branding/artdirection design ︎ vipaluk siriplanond photos used in design ︎ naoh/pattrica/vipaluk

Freelance Graphic Designer, based in Bangkok, Thailand © 2020